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    Start by viewing the list of all countries you can generate the premium rate traffic on. Sign up to see the complete rate list including test number for each termination. Kappa Premium Telecom can only be used for legitimate and genuine phone calls. No fraudulent use will be accepted. Fraudulent traffic will not be paid and will be regarded as a violation of the contractual terms, with all the legal consequences.

    VoIP and video streaming as completely different classes of applications, and therefore the HLS requirement does not apply to VoIP. As you note, the tremendous latency of HLS makes it utterly inappropriate for VoIP.

    There are many online Voip Service Provider available in the market. You can call in united states and united kingdom in the cheapest price. The united states calling price is for united kingdom pricing are the same.

    Kappa Premium Telecom It provide International Premium Rate numbers to our clients who can use it for billing purposes as well as providing various services in countries where domestic premium rate numbers do not exist or are at rudimentary stage of development.


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