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    Dear VoIP-Operator,

    Sipxpose is a Call and Protocol Analyzer enabling your team to analyze VoIP Calls and their underlying SIP-messages in real time.

    Confronted with massive constant influx of VoIP signaling data, many operators analyze Sip-calls on demand only.
    When facing network issues, valuable time is wasted to set up – e.g. “Wireshark” and to reproduce faulty behaviour in the network.
    Also, many trouble-tickets, customer complaints, etc. would not be worth the effort to set up a Trace every single time.
    “Sipxpose2.0.2” Call and Protocol analyser records signalling data in real-time and provides multi-user access per a Web-Interface to investigate ongoing as well as past calls.
    Every single call is collected as soon as it enters the network and presented in short form or with its signalling details.
    By installation, you are granted a 60-day free period without any restrictions!

    Would you wish more details or have questions to Sipxpose2.0.2, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards,
    Michael S.

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