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    Dear VoIP-Operator,
    Sipxpose2.0.2 is a Call and Protocol Analyzer for Voice Support Engineers to analyze VoIP Calls and their underlying SIP-messages from a Web browser’s window.

    When facing interconnection issues with customers or partners, you might have experienced that it can be a hassle to identify the cause of a reported issue,
    and then to set up – e.g. a “Wireshark”-trace, hoping the fault can be reproduced.
    Instead, having all these data already recorded with SipXpose, you get a clearer picture of the issue.
    And of course your response is quicker and therefore downtime decreases.

    “Sipxpose” Call and Protocol Analyzer records the entire signalling data in real-time and provides multi-user access per Web-Interface.
    Every single call is collected as soon as it enters the network and presented in short form, or with its signalling details.

    Please visit our website “” to download your trial.
    After the self-registration of the probe-software you are granted a 60 day free period without any restrictions!

    If you wish for more details or have questions, please contact me or visit our website.
    I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your consideration,

    Kind Regards,
    Michael S.

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