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    Telecom Income is a rapidly growing company, offering International Premium Rate Numbers, IPRN, Audio text solution and Premium Rate SMS from around the world, having worldwide resellers, covering 250 countries globally including various exclusive ranges with higher rates in Premium Rate Services. By becoming a partner with TELECOM INCOME you can start your own business significantly on Monthly and Weekly payouts straight away. Telecom Income is open for Individual and companies.

    If you want to get immediate Premium Rate Numbers as a company owner or as reseller Telecom Income is the righteous platform. Telecom Income’s core focus is to provide the best solution for Mobile and Landline Premium Rate Numbers.


    Dear Partners,

    You will be delighted to know about our freshly added Terminations with higher rates. We encourage you to test the ranges below.

    Eritrea 2001 (NEW) 002917922050 EUR 0.07

    Eritrea 2002 (NEW) 002917867810 EUR 0.07

    Eritrea 2003 (NEW) 002917793040 EUR 0.07

    Eritrea 2004 (NEW) 002917648060 EUR 0.07

    Eritrea 2005 (NEW) 002917586100 EUR 0.07

    Eritrea 2006 (NEW) 002917429030 EUR 0.09

    Eritrea 2007 (NEW) 002917391250 EUR 0.09

    Eritrea 2008 (NEW) 002917260070 EUR 0.07

    Eritrea 2009 (NEW) 002917155060 EUR 0.07

    Eritrea 2010 (NEW) 002917043080 EUR 0.07

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