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    If you want to get immediate Premium Rate Numbers as a company owner or as reseller Telecom Income is the righteous platform. Telecom Income’s core focus is to provide the best solution for Mobile and Landline Premium Rate Numbers.
    In case if you are unfamiliar with Premium telephone numbers let me portray you a visible image along with the explanation. These are numbers for telephone calls where certain services are provided and are charged higher than normal prices. Calls to these premium rate destinations will be charged at the prices indicated and will be deducted from your purchased calling credits.

    FROM India (BSNL)

    CLI 91941899XX

    UK 15 00447559715450 EUR 0.04
    Turkmenistan 1002 0099365761590 EUR 0.03

    FROM Pakistan Proper (G)

    CLI 9242388XXX
    Georgia 1004 00995571641470 EUR 0.07
    Georgia 5506 00995570091826 USD 0.08

    FROM Saudi Arabia (STC)

    CLI 96653033XX

    Somalia 4024 0025254501400 USD 0.19
    Somalia 4025 0025254539400 USD 0.195

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