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    New terminations Added
    Solomon Island 4501 (NEW) 6773560110 USD 0.25
    Solomon Island 4502 (NEW) 6779858560 USD 0.25
    Solomon Island 4503 (NEW) 6770701450 USD 0.25
    Solomon Island 4504 (NEW) 6771241830 USD 0.25
    Kirgyzstan 2005 (NEW) 996509697000 EUR 0.14
    Kirgyzstan 2006 (NEW) 996508789600 EUR 0.14
    Kirgyzstan 2007 (NEW) 996506323600 EUR 0.14
    Madagascar 2001 (NEW) 261329542030 EUR 0.16
    Madagascar 2002 (NEW) 261327901030 EUR 0.16
    Madagascar 2003 (NEW) 261327026600 EUR 0.16


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